Dr. Amit K.Saiya

leads the Energy Medicine Foundation as its honorary Dean & Director. Is a practicing Physician and Life Coach.Having combined the best of Radiesthesia/dowsing and life coaching with a blend of science, intuition, integrity and compassion, he has derived Harmonie Therapy.

He has a Bachelors degree in Commerce, Masters in Business Administration,has been awarded his doctorate in Philosophy and conferred the Tittle of Doctor of Medcine (AM)

He has been elected a Fellow of the Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts,Manufactures and Commerce.He is a member of the American Holistic Health Association ,The British Holistic Medical Association ,The Flower Essence Society - Sierra Nevada USA and The International Society of Philosophers. A life member of Blue Cross of India & PETA and an active member of Round Table India, he leads the management team of the Family business of Retail Readymade Garment Showrooms in Chennai.In recognition of his contribution to furtherance of the Round Table movement he has been bestowed with the honour "Golden Louis Marchesi Fellow "by the Round Table Foundation.

His Mission Statement

His mission as a Physician ,Energy Medicine is to help transform wellness care by empowering the Wellness Care Client to acquire the tools needed to create and maintain optimal health and well-being.

For the last Four years he has been working to change medicine from within and without. He starts with the intention to help the Wellness care client create good long-term physical, mental, emotional & spiritual health, and not simply suppress symptoms. He works with them closely to discover the roots of their illness or dis-ease and fully engages them in their own healing process. This requires a new model of collaboration between Wellness Care Clients and physician. The ancient root of the word "doctor" means "teacher". He guides the Wellness Care Clients to unravel the threads of their dis–ease / dis-comfort while learning how to care for their body, mind and soul. He is honored to continue to care for new and established Wellness Care Clients at his exclusive private practice in Chennai, Tamil Nadu India.

His commitment to you

Dr Saiya’s commitment is no less than to change the way wellness therapy is perceived and practiced in our country; to create a wellness care system, rather than a disease care system. The nature of research in our country however, prevents adequate funding of studies on wellness care and lifestyle intervention.Dr.Saiya contributes a major part of the funds required towards the Research .Two days in a week the foundation runs a free clinic wherin Dr.Saiya gives free consultancy to persons, regardless of their ability to pay are given guidance and advice

Practice Information

Dr Amit K Saiya MD(AM)
Physician,Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine Research Foundation
12 Fathima Plaza ,First Level,
98,Sir Theagaraya Road ,T.Nagar
Chennai 600017 Tamilnadu

Correspondence address:
No.10 (Old No.20), Balaji Avenue, 2nd Street, 2nd Floor, T.Nagar, Chennai 600017

Phone: +91 9840190765
Email: dr.saiya@dr-saiya.com

His Personal Health Story

Dr .Saiya went through an unhealthy state of health for a year and half arounf 2000-2001,due to work pressure,Young kids ,elderly parents and Grand Parents living in a joint family and his working for his PHD .The whole system was revolting against him.Allopathy Physician friends gave him medication treating each ailment as a part and not as a whole body system.In the end seeing one ailment leading to another and then the effects of the medications ,he decided to take the matter into his own hands .He restored a healthier rhythm to his life, with regular patterns of sleeping, waking, eating, resting, and working. His diet changed as he stopped relying on caffeine and sugar to keep him going, and instead started using nutrients and herbal therapies that could heal his digestive system and repair his damaged immune system. Now, when his body talked, he listened.

This journey to health took him from learning about, and addressing, his body's nutritional biochemistry and cellular biology through a process of psychological and spiritual renewal. It allowed him to heal completely, and gave him the basis on which he now heal others.

Too often, patients are given diagnoses that are quick and/or superficial assessments of their condition. But because he learned first-hand what it's like to suffer from what are called "nondiagnosable" conditions, he has become more empathetic and thorough with my own patients.

Today, he wouldn't dream of telling patients who come to him with a litany of complaints that nothing is wrong, as he was told about his own condition. No longer does he look upon these people as merely depressed, nor do he dismiss their complaints as psychosomatic just because they have no immediately recognizable diagnosis.

As he look back on his entire experience from beginning to end, he realizes that his poor health was an opportunity to learn how to cure others and his own self.